Workplace Internships

Workplace internships build skills and mutually beneficial networks.

Leadership & Mentoring program participants have the opportunity to work within Australian or Pacific organisations as part of the Women's Leadership Initiative. Through tailored internships, participants build leadership and professional skills and forge lasting partnerships and networks to support them into the future.

At the same time, many participants come to the program with significant work experience, including in their countries' public and private sectors. Host organisations therefore gain practical knowledge and professional inputs from future Pacific leaders, as well as have their networks broadened into Pacific environments.

My placement has provided quite an exposure and learning for me. I have been able to observe the workflow and culture within the perioperative environment ... [I've been] exposed to a variety of specialty areas, all which were lifelong learning experiences. I will proudly take this learning back to Samoa and share it with my colleagues.

Falelua Maua (Samoa), Masters of Nursing (QUT), 2018